Choya Dreaming to be a Doctor

Upama Unmish Choya is a name of inspiration to all of us. She is industrious student in study. No barrier can stop her to move forward. Upama Unmish Choya is a sponsored child of Good Neighbors Bangladesh Shakhipur CDP. She was registered with GNB in 2010. She loves to study so much, in other way study is her hobby. Since the beginning of her school life, she achieved good result in every year. Albeit of financial hardship her family inspired her to continue her studies.  Her father, Md. Iqbal Hossein is involved with a local organization as a social worker with a limited income and her mother, Dipika Sultana is a housewife. Six years ago, every day her father went to his work place with a gloomy face thinking about the future of his two daughters. With his limited income it became quite difficult to maintain the expense of his family's day to day life. Sometimes it was difficult for him to bear the expense for her studies. In this time GNB stood beside their family with lots of hope and started to supports her in education. Beside her regular school studies, she consistently went into GNB ASP center. Through, After School Program (ASP) GNB took special care on Mathematics, English and other subjects. ASP teachers took extra care for the preparation of her school lesson. GNB also gave her a great scope to participate in various extra curriculum activities such as drawing completion, dance completion, instant speech, quiz competition etc, which also gave her a scope to express her talents to others. These activities kept her mentally refresh and many times she got prizes in competition, which also gave her more confident in her study. Not only this, GNB also supported her with free educational materials such as note books, pen, bags, school uniform, school fee and exam fee etc.  As an indomitable spirit, she obtained A+ at PSC Examination on 2013, subsequently in 2016 at JSC she obtain A+ again. With this outstanding achievement she made her family and friends proud and happy. Her family and she herself never think that, she could obtain A+ in PSC and JSC examination. For her family's hardship she thought that she might barely pass the primary level but her indomitable spirit and GNB’s supports, she is on her way to becoming a future doctor. "Thank you Good Neighbors for giving me a way to fulfill my dreams", stated by Choya, while expressing her gratitude to GNB for supporting her in education. “GNB gave me a lot of. GNB give me a chance to achieve my educational dream. Not I can dream about a shining future."