Story of Momena Begum

Momena Begum, 27 years old women; is a member of Pirganj Krishi somobay samity Ltd. She is living in northern area of Bangladesh with her husband, one son and daughter. Due to poverty Momena Begum and her husband never step foot to school, but she is ensuring the way of good education for her children.  She is now an icon entrepreneur in her society. Momena's days were always not the same. For financial hardship, she and her family even had to starve many days.  Her husband used to work in other’s land as a day labor during the harvesting season, and for the remaining 6 months he had nothing to do. During dry season they had to survive with less food and often without meals.  In 2010, Momena Begum became a member of Pirganj Krishi somobay samity Ltd. under GNB. Here several times she received Poultry rearing training. After successfully completing those trainings she received chicks, foods (In Kind supports) and Infrastructure supports from GNB. She also took loan (38,000 BDT) from Pirganj Krishi somobay samity Ltd. and started poultry rearing business. After one month later she gained profit (Net profit) of tk. 10,000  from poultry rearing. After repaying the loan amount from net profit she took more loans from cooperative. At this stage she has invested about tk. 1, 48,000. Now they are very happy and can manage not only their daily foods but also can meet the other need of the daily life. Recently she bought some cultivation land and makes a house for living. “Poultry rearing not only change my life but also it provided nutrition foods to my family. Thank you GNB.” - Momena Begum expresses her gratitude to GNB for all kinds of Supports.