Nirmol Roy Supported by GNB

One of our sponsored children named Nirmol Roy, 10 years old aged from Digoldangi village under Good Neighbors Bangladesh-Nilphamari CDP working area, has been suffering from Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) since December 2015, which is discovered by our Project Medical Officer. He was urgently in need of surgery. In contrast, the child’s poor family fell in trouble with their low financial capability to save their child from this life loosing heart disease in providing quick facilitation for surgery. So, the child’s parents come to Good Neighbors for good suggestion for their child’s soon life saving support. Good Neighbors Bangladesh provided this child BDT. 1, 51,950 for surgery & rest of the supports are provided by the local elites and his relatives. Mr. Abdul Mannan, District Cooperative Officer and Mr. Abtabuzzaman, Upazilla Cooperative Officer, Sadar Nilphamari handed over the cheque along with the Nilphamari CDP staffs in the Guardian meeting with the attendance of about 200 parents. As the child is under treatment in Bangalore, India, we ask your prayer for his successful treatment.