Rumi Begum bring solvency in her family

Mst. Rumi Begum (40) lives in Chalkgobindopur, Salanga. She was get married (15) so early as other girl child. Her husband was a day labor and only earning member of their family. With his poor income, they passed their days with lots of sorrows. For her husband’s limited income, she could not provide all sorts of facilities to her children as children’s need. However, from childhood, Rumi Begum got a tendency about invest money in rearing livestock like hen, duck, & goats and tried to contribute a little besides her husband to support family expenses so that children can have minimum facilities and grow up.

Good Neighbors Bangladesh Sirajganj CDP provides a scope for sewing training for underprivileged women. Many of interested women bring solvency in their family received training from sewing training provided by Sirajganj CDP. Therefore, she shows her interest in sewing and she registered in sewing training. During her 3 months training, she received making and cutting child/older dress, bag, uniform, and so son. She was so dedicated in her training session. After finished her training session, she started making dress and selling her products to the local market by herself.

She wants to large her business but due to short money, she could not. After that, she heard that, GNB starting group base Income Generation activity. Then, she contact with CDP staffs and get involved in Bangle Sewing IG Group. Through this IGG she took loan and large her business as she dreamt. Now she is very happy about her business. Her husband is also helping her in her business as well. She can sell her product to the GNB customers’ as well local market. Even, she gets orders from GNB making uniform or child dress.

Mst. Momotaj Begum the Co-operative president says, "Mst. Rumi Begum is really a hard worker and also very active in coop's related activities. I wish her and her family a prosperous future. I am also inspired a lot seeing such women who are devoted and working hard to make a change. Mst. Rumi Begum is an example of hard worker. She succeeds to change financial condition of her family. I whishes her every success."

Asha Khatun, daughter of Rumi Begum whom studding in class five, She said, "Our financial condition is quite better than before, our life style & financial status is also changed due to both of my parents' contribution in our family income. I like to thanks to GNB for giving scope to my family to be involve with its IG activity.’’

‘’ I cannot bring solvency by myself alone accept other’s help. However, GNB give me this scope to make my dream true. Thank you GNB for your nice supports.’’ Rumi Begum