Ami Hote Chai...

“Ami Hote Chai,,,” [I Want To Be,,,] child right based program  under ’ Dream Project Activities’ was arranged at Boro Sangalshi Govt. Primary School on 10th April 2017 under Good Neighbors Bangladesh, Nilphamari CDP with the attendance of 290 children and 290 guardians along with 7 VIP guests, 12 CDP Staffs and 10 community resource. The program was held in 3 sessions: the 1st session was discussion and motivation for the children “I Want To Be,”. All the VIP guests discussed on “Ami Hote Chai” term and its significance for a child to rear his/her dream and the responsibility of the parents to rear his/her child’s dream.

The 2nd session was to focus how Good Neighbors Bangladesh rears children dream through its activities. Mr. Kornelius Dalbot, CDP Manager moderated the program with a short introduction of our dream project activities in parallel with that of UN CRC. As a presentation of this dream rearing 2 Focus Zone children who left education for about 1 year are transited to General Zone by admitting into school this year & as an education material note book & pen were distributed among them. In the same way, 3 malnourished children as per our Standard Health Check up result we distributed nutrition food. Thus, we are rearing children & their dream.

In the 3rd session of the “Ami Hote Chai,,,” all the children raised their dream (aim of life) which are their aim of life & written by themselves (what they want to be in the future) before all VIP guests as their right to be in future. In the same time, all the VIP guests also wrote their dreams in the board named “Ami Hote Chai…(I Want To Be) gradually to inspire the children to rear their dreams.

It is mentioned that Md. Abujar Rahman, Upazilla Parishad Chairman was the Chief Guest of the Program and Sheikh Mohammad Belayet Hossain, UNO, Mrs Arifa Sultana Lovely, Upazilla Vice Chairman, Mrs Nurunahar Shahajadi, Child & Women Affairs Officer, Nilphamari Sadar and Mustafizer Kazi, Union Parishad Chairman and so on local focal persons were the special guests of the very program.

Sheikh Mohammad Belayet Hossain, UNO, Nilphamari Sadar expressed his impression, “This is very exceptional, but very important right based program for every child as well as human. I like it very much and thankful to Good Neighbors Bangladesh. Every child and parents must be in one dream for every child and rear it with a great future hope to be someone”.

Mrs Arifa Sultana Lovely, Upazilla Vice Chairman, Sadar Upazilla expressed, “Ami Hote Chai,,, is my 1st program in my life, I’m lucky today to be with all children here to inspire them to be their dream in future that every man can reach in his/her goal, if he/she tries to reach it. Thanks to Good Neighbors to rear and to be with our children here and always in our Sangalshi Union.”

Ami Hote Chai,,,(I Want To Be) have been observing in the Nilphamari CDP area since the beginning of this month in every  Dream School centers and this was the central program observed gorgeously to highlight and awareness building among children and parents of our CDP working area. The program was very successful and exceptional program for us as well as for all kinds of participants.