Good Neighbors Bangladesh is a member organization of Good Neighbors International (GNI). Good Neighbors International is an international humanitarian and development organization with its headquarters in Seoul, Korea. Whose mission is to improve the lives of others, especially those of children – through education, community development, health services, sanitation and disaster relieve projects. GNI has general consultative status the highest status level, with the United Nations Economic Council (UN ECOSOC). GNI has carried out holistic development ministry work and emergency relieve ministry in over 25 developing countries in the world since its inception in 1991.

Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) was registered as an international non-government organization (NGO) with the NGO affairs bureau of the government of Bangladesh and commenced its operations in August 1996. It has 2 urban and 12 rural projects currently serving 20,087 deprived children. The current GNB progress towards SDGs has been commendable, is well placed to achieving the SDG goal. 

Community Development Project

Good Neighbors Bangladesh is conducting Community Development Projects (CDP) to create an environment where the rights of children are protected and they can grow up healthy. Good Neighbors expertise in education, child protection, health, water and sanitation, income generation, child rights advocacy, and community partnerships drive change in communities and strengthen their self-reliance. GNB pursues the sustainable developments of communities through empowerment, leadership, ownership and harmony with their environment.

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