Our Vision & Mission


We envision a world where poverty has been eradicated, living people with security, self-respect and dignity; where social justice lives as a guest in each home and not just with affluent; where everyone feels welcome, respected, without prejudice or discrimination; and where the tool of education had been granted to each assisting them to build their own lives. GNB desires to stand as a national influence creating hope within the heart of each. We will be recognized for our relentless commitment to the dignity of every citizen. 


  1. WE work in any place where there is a need, regardless of race, religion, ideology, and beyond geographical constraints.
  2. WE Promote self-reliance and the sustainable development of the individuals, families and communities.
  3. WE place a top priority on the rights of children.
  4. WE create a sound global citizenship that encourage people to respect one another and live together in harmony.
  5. WE mobilize and organize local volunteers to participate in developing their communities.
  6. WE work in cooperation with our local partners who share their community development goals.
  7. WE maintain professional accountability and transparently report on the status of our projects and fianc├ęs.
  8. WE encourage as many people as possible to join Good Neighbors as sponsoring members to participate in our work.