Education & Protection

From the very beginning, GNB has been working on child education. GNB envisions universal education for all at every level. Besides regular education; GNB emphasis promoting vocational education through training, participation in co-curriculum activities, imparting moral values and joy in education. GNB wants that a child determines realistic goal of life so that s/he [child] can fulfill her/his dream. The aim of GNB is to involve children in life skills [vocational] training along with regular education so that they are capable to cope up with different situation in their lives by themselves.
GNB wants to reduce dropout and ensure to retain continued education through enjoyable and creative activities along with general education. The aim of this program is to continue children’s education smoothly and uninterrupted. Education is the key to a nation’s development. Education is the principal means to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation. A properly educated nation, which is modern in genius and intellect and forward-looking in thinking, can only put the country at the peak of its development. That is why education is the backbone of a nation. GNB plays significant role in promoting education in Bangladesh. GNB runs four school based education projects. Besides these, other projects of GNB work for education and social protection. Keeping in conformity with the mainstream education system of Bangladesh, GNB follows the following approach in promoting education in Bangladesh:
i. Early Childcare Education (4~6) for two years
ii. Primary education (6+) [grade I to V]
iii. Secondary education (11+) [grade VI to X]
iv. Scholarship program for Higher Education (16+) [grade XI to XII]
Besides this, GNB is also facilitating After School Program in collaboration with the respective School Management Committee of govt. primary school. Its aim is to facilitate special tutoring care for the poor and distressed children of the society (project area). 

GNB Education Profile:


GNB envisions a society where every child enjoys the right to survive, protection, self-development and participation.


1.      Our mission is to promote right education for poor children and creating access to higher education in an enjoyable atmosphere.

2.      We are committed infuse life skills [vocational] development in children so that they are capable to overcome difficulties of life in future.

3.      To impart values towards ethical formation and integral development as a human person.

4.      We devoted that our children will develop physically; mentally; socially and academically.

5.      We want our children will foster patriotism; sincerity and mutual respect.

6.      We are committed to the cultivation of individual potential.



Upholding the sovereignty of the country and respect all people regardless race, religious, caste, and creed.


We are committed to achieve academic success, personal well-being and achievement in public exam and co-curriculum activities in local area, and at national level.


We are open to new ideas, enhance positive change, and take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions for and with children.


We desire to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behavior; we never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interests of children.


We respect any kinds of physical labor that encourage our children to learn vocational training for livelihood in the future.


We respect and value each other and increase joint initiative, and work with partners in education in an open and supportive way to achieve shared goals.


We, being a learning organization believe in a process through which teachers, staff members seek and share knowledge and information, while remain committed to personal growth.


Striving to address the training needs for high-quality service and seeking ways to achieve our goals.


 The gentleness to befriend and strength to accompany. 

Respect :

We desire our children will respect people, beliefs, norms, and social values.


We take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to partners, supporters, and most of all, children.

Strategic Goals:

Goal-1: Achieve universal education in all levels.

Goal-2: Promote life skills [vocational] training for young pupils.

Goal-3: Develop joyful learning environment for children.

Goal-4: Ensure a safe, secured and anxiety free atmosphere.

Goal-5: Increase general knowledge of the children

Goal-6: Practice morality in personal life.

Goal-7: Improve parental education.

Goal -9: Encourage and support more student-to-student and student-to-adult interaction.

Goal-8: Attain gender equity and social justice.

Goal-10: Build school community through involvement in both internal and external opportunities.

Goal-11: Establish the GNB brand in the community.


1. To ensure 100% pass and transition rate in all levels.

2. To develop the children mentally and physically with jovial mood.

3. To develop the children socially and culturally.

4. To make way for livelihood for the beneficiaries.

5. To increase creativity of the children.

6. To increase IQ and general knowledge of the children.

7. To determine the personal dream/aim more realistic way.

8. Provide a place at school/centre for students to pursue co-curricular, extracurricular, and social activities that enhance student interaction.

9. To develop morality among the children.

10. To ensure mutual respect, self-discipline, and community service to achieve personal goals now and for the future.

11. To the cultivation of individual potential and to the graduation of sincere and educated person.

12. To enhance parenting skills and life competencies.

13. To improve communication with parents, friends, and benefactors through publications, correspondence, website, events, etc.

14. To reduce dropout rate.

15. To reduce gender disparity from the family and community.

16. To enhance the skills of the staff and education systems.

17. Formalize a program for bringing invited speakers and special assemblies to school/centre to inform, challenge, and inspire our students.