GNB’s Vision for health care in its projects are to ensure access of the people to health care services by GNB health care services and providing complementary health care through developing a model of government and NGO collaboration. The health programs that GNB would like to give priority are, Child Health, Maternal Health, Safe Motherhood, Water and Sanitation, Immunization, Basic Treatment of Common Diseases, Treatment to the complex disease carriers both child and mothers and Community Nutrition for the children and the poor pregnant mothers . Based on inventory study on going health program; it is observed that existing health care program is needed for covering effectively the demands of the community. GNB realize the new dimension strategy to ensure covering in fact services for children and mothers. It is also observed that there are very poor preventive health services are being provided.

Therefore, GNB is thinking to lunches an integrated health program. The proposed health program will cover sponsored children’s father and total family members. An updated MIS (Management Information Systems) will be developed. Project need & priorities based health diseases issues will be given to emphasize on health education sessions both in centers and out rich venues. Linkage will be enhanced with GoB and other NGOs to utilize their possible health services. 


1) Health Global Goal/Sustainable Development Goal (SDG):

GOAL 2: 

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture

GOAL 3: 

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

GOAL 6: 

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all


GNB Health Goal:  To achieve universal health services for sponsored children & mothers.

GNB’s Health new strategy as vision: Create a good environment where people show the way of healthy, fruitful lives and where children and mothers do well and measure curative diseases, Preventive intervention and social and environmental awareness intervention with cooperation of GoB, NGOs, and likeminded NGOs. 



1.  Supply nutrition food for all sponsored children and poor pregnant mothers from CDPs/FDPs.

2.  To reduce infant and child mortality rate

3. Increasing coverage and quality of health services by strengthening (mobile van clinic support/satellite clinic)

4.  Strengthening survey system of project contents

5.   Provide curative health care services (treatment with medicine) to all children, their mothers

6.   Provide special health care services to the complex diseases carriers.

7.   To Improve Maternal Healthcare service 

8.  To identify pregnant mothers, complex diseases carrier mothers, safe water and safe latrine users through door-to-door survey.

9.   Provide ANC (3visits), PNC and safe delivery services at in-house and institutional delivery at outside-improved health care centers.

10. Provide Health Education to children, mothers, and fathers to develop their positive health behavior.

11.  The community members will get opportunity to use safe water and latrine.

12.  To be developed a data based health care information system improving MIS (Management Information System) with ICT(Information & Communication Technology) and establishing M&E system

13.   Rapid and effective referral systems for beneficiaries

14. Strengthening preventive cure treatment approaches as well as control programs by Healthcare staffs with help of Local resources.

15.  Nobody will die without treatment


GNB’s Health New Strategies:  

GNB’s health systems are recently identified as binding limitation to continued progress for improving health around the project site as well as good functioning of health system, it is difficult for GNB to achieve improved and more reasonable health outcomes, positive health impacts, financial solvent for the beneficiaries very quickly. In recognition of the GNB’s health system strengthening to achievement of long-term health and development goals; GNB taken initiative of Insurance (health safety net), Mobile Van clinic & emphasize on health education  operation for Beneficiaries preventive purpose covering less expense and better service of organization. 

Emergency Fund: CDP/FDP will deposit 10tk. for every child in every month. It will be expensed in emergency & complex diseases treatment purpose managing within this limited budget fund for more beneficiaries 

Mobile Van Clinic Support: It is a demonstration activity for rapid response to beneficiaries in purpose of identification of illness and emergency cases. CDP/FDP’s intervention is to use this Mobile Van Clinic Support to reach the health facilities support door to door for patient. It is an easy accessible way to communicate with beneficiaries and find out complex diseases, effective follow up patient, rapid referral for better treatment and better service ensure.

Satellite Clinic: It is as ongoing activities of GNB up to covering the Mobile Van Clinic Support to all CDP/FDPs. But it will be emphasized for follow up patient and quality support ensure.

Contemporary Midwifery Group: Group will prepare choosing the members of CDC/VDC leader among beneficiaries. Short-term training is a method of skill development & understanding the group members. They play role for effective communication and rapid information upon focus group identification and Mobile Van Clinic intervention.  

Health Education: Emphasize health education applying new tools-HIS (health information System) Audiovisual presentation, Flip chart presentation, PR materials supply, including curriculum at after school program, session at CDC/VDC/group meeting & Parents meeting.

Conduct Survey/Home visit/ Follow up: It is very essential for finding out focus group children and it might be done with the help of projects coworkers/midwifery group/After school teachers/CRC leaders/Youth Forum and local resources.