Water and Sanitation

To ensure sources to clean water and sanitary living environment for the communities, we build and manage facilities such as wells, water pumps and ventilated improved pit latrines. More importantly, we strive for the community members to adapt healthy and sanitary behaviors through education and awareness programs.

  • Build and manage water and sanitation facilities
  • Provide basic hygiene education and supplies
  • Mobilize water sanitation committees and build their capacities
  • Engage local communities in sanitation projects

GNB’s working area is mostly poverty prone area and the access of the poor families to safe drinking water was very limited. Most of them used to use unsafe and unhygienic water, collected from nearby water sources like open well, ponds, ditches and unhygienic tube wells as they have no financial ability to install a hygienic one. That's why they often suffered from various infectious and water borne disease like cholera, diarrhea, and dysentery and so on due to using this unhygienic water.

Due to the same reason they have no capability to make a sanitary toilet for their using. So, they are compelled to go for open defecation. Generally the members of these families use open field, ditches and bushes as the place of defecation which pollutes the environment as well as accelerates the coincidence of various infectious disease like diarrhea, Cholera, dysentery and so on. The incidence of Diarrhea and other water borne diseases is still in prominent position here. In case of women members of these families suffer a terrible condition in open defecation because they are to wait for darkness or lonely situation in this purpose. That’s why they suffer from various types of stomach ailments frequently.

Through WATSON program GNB builds safe drinking water tanks and purifiers, and tube wells to provide better access to water. In addition, we construct sanitary facilities, such as hand washing station and continue to build awareness about hygiene education and the important of maintaining the facilities for long-term community health and growth. More importantly, we strive for the community members to adopt healthy and sanitary behaviors through education and awareness programs. We also motivated the community peoples to create sustainable and healthy development.