Income Generation

Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) is a humanitarian and development agency. Our greatest mission is to improve the lives of others-especially those of children-through education, community and woman development, health, sanitation, and disaster relief projects. GNB started in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1996 with the sole purpose of giving disadvantaged children a glimmer of hope. At that time, GNB concentrated on projects such as Mother and Baby Care Centers (M&B Centers) in slum areas and primary schooling at urban and rural areas. Currently, we work in 14 areas across the country, supporting approximately 20,087 children and 17,736 families.

Most of our activities in IG sector remains heavily subsidized, without clear strategies to nurture them to become profitable and independent business. Previous income generation activities approached from social development perspective, resulting in programs that lack financial self sustainability. At the core of GNI’s IG sector strategy is the formation of revolving investment fund that finances promising IG activities. The fund is owned and managed by the community to nurture growth of business entities that create wealth in the community. Income Generation activities main objectives is reduce the poverty from community.







1.  Goal:

Develop Sustainable Economy among the target people.

2. Objectives:

1.    Reduce poverty & economic sustainability

2.    Promoting income generation groups

3.    Enhancing business capacity & job creation

4.    Improving involvement of members’ with different IGAs

5.    Improve significant changes in the economic & social life

6.    Increase the leadership, decision making & empowerment status

7.    Sustain the capacity of the community people & their efforts.

8.    To empower mother’s income generation.

9.    To enhance livelihoods status among the target people

IGA [Income Generation Activity] management:

Income generation activities will be managed for the most effective & smooth way for the targeted beneficiaries. It will be run under the umbrella of co-operative which has legal entity. Income generation activities will be operated in two ways-One way will be individually by using the share & saving of the individual member’s as loan. And another way will be group base income generation activity by using the Income Generation (IG) fund. The management structure of the Income Generation Activity will be as follows -


Good Neighbors is a community base development organization. In every stages community participation is mandatory for the better management. Committee development committee (CDC) is one of the forms of community participation of activities planning, leading, controlling, monitoring, & evaluating of the activities. Community people from different level are involved with this committee with their ideas, opinion & co-operation to make, participate, reach & effective the activities among the underprivileged people. Including other activities, CDC/CMC is leading main role for the sustainable community economy development through income generation programs now. On the other hand, community participation is ensure as CDC to eliminate all types of discrimination, ensure women participation, child rights and prevent child labor, child trafficking through child development, women development & youth development programs of Good Neighbors Bangladesh.

Members in the committee:

In the community development committee (CDC), total members number is eight (08) but the members’ number may be increase according to the project nature & activities. Base on the position in the committee members are as follows- 

A. Chairperson; B. Vice chairperson; C. Secretary; D. Joint –Secretary; E. Treasurer; F. Member; G. Community Leaders (02)